Is Dugan Ashley dead?

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  • Dugan Ashley is still alive as of April 2024.

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Is Dugan Ashley Dead? The Man Behind CarniK Con

Is Dugan Ashley dead? That’s a question many fans of the hilarious YouTube firearms comedy show, CarniK Con, have been asking. To put your minds at ease, Dugan Ashley is very much alive and well. But before we delve into his current endeavors, let’s take a quick look at his early life, family, and the now-infamous CarniK Con.

Early Life

Dugan Ashley, the mastermind behind CarniK Con, has always had a passion for firearms and humor. Growing up in Missouri, he was exposed to firearms at a young age and developed a keen interest in them. This passion would later fuel the creation of CarniK Con, an entertaining and informative firearms comedy show on YouTube.

Family Life

Not much is known about Dugan Ashley’s family life, as he tends to keep his personal affairs private. However, it is clear that his family has supported his endeavors in creating the popular YouTube channel.

CarniK Con: Alive or Dead?

While Dugan Ashley is still alive, the same cannot be said for the CarniK Con channel. The channel was removed from YouTube in 2017, but its content can still be found on and through fan-created mirrors on YouTube.

CarniK Con started in 2012, with Dugan Ashley, Randy Broshankle, and Stanley Childs as its founding members. The channel became an instant hit among gun enthusiasts, with its comedic take on firearms tests and evaluations. However, in 2015, Ashley announced the discontinuation of new material production for CarniK Con.

Dugan Ashley’s Resurfacing

In 2019, Dugan Ashley resurfaced with a new YouTube channel called BoogerEater. The channel focused on politics, Covid-19, and various conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, as of 2022, this account has also been removed, and it remains unclear whether it was taken down by YouTube or by Ashley himself.

In conclusion, while Dugan Ashley is still alive, both CarniK Con and his BoogerEater channels have met their demise. Fans of Ashley’s unique brand of humor can only hope he will resurface again in the future with more entertaining content.

Exploring the Various Aliases of Dugan Ashley

Throughout a person's life, they may adopt alternative names or pseudonyms, often departing from their given birth name. To help you better understand if Dugan Ashley is alive or dead, we have compiled a list of his known aliases.

Is CarniK Con dead?

No, CarniK Con is still alive. CarniK Con is a name that Dugan Ashley is better known as.

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