Celebrity Deaths in 2019

2019 is a tragic year for a lot of celebrities, and its not over yet.  Some of the actors and actresses who died in 2019 are Cameron Boyce, and Max Wright.

Roy Hilton

Roy Hilton died January 6, 2019. They were 75 years old.

Bonnie Guitar

Bonnie Guitar died January 12, 2019. They were 95 years old.

Reggie Young

Reggie Young died January 17, 2019. They were 82 years old.

Rick Forzano

Rick Forzano died January 10, 2019. They were 90 years old.

Norman Snider

Norman Snider died January 4, 2019. They were 73 years old.

Myron Thompson

Myron Thompson died January 5, 2019. They were 82 years old.