Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, has affected the world in numerous ways, including the loss of many beloved celebrities. The virus has taken the lives of actors, musicians, and other public figures, sending shockwaves through their fan base and communities. Some of the most notable celebrities who have lost their lives to Covid-19 include legendary actors such as Dawn Wells, Wilford Brimley, and Nick Cordero, as well as musicians such as John Prine and Adam Schlesinger.

The impact of these losses has been felt not only by the families and friends of these celebrities, but by the entire entertainment industry as well. These artists were not just talented performers, but they were also creative forces who brought joy, humor, and inspiration to millions of people. Their loss has been a reminder of the devastating power of the virus and how it can impact people from all walks of life.

Despite the sadness and loss caused by Covid-19, these celebrities will always be remembered for the gifts they brought to the world. Through their music, acting, and other talents, they have left a lasting impact on the world and will continue to be celebrated for generations to come. As we continue to grapple with the challenges posed by the virus, it is important to remember those who have been lost, and to appreciate the many ways in which they have enriched our lives.

Photo of Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on September 17, 1978. He died following a COVID-19 on July 5, 2020 at the age of 41.
Photo of Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger born in New York City, U.S. on October 31, 1967. He died following a Complications from COVID-19 on April 1, 2020 at the age of 52.
Silhouette of a person

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson born in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. on October 24, 1959. He died following a COVID-19 on February 18, 2022 at the age of 62.
Photo of John Prine

John Prine

John Prine (born as John Edward Prine) born in Maywood, Illinois, U.S. on October 10, 1946. He died following a COVID-19 on April 7, 2020 at the age of 73.
Photo of Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf (born as Marvin Lee Aday) born in Dallas, Texas, U.S. on September 27, 1947. He died following a Complications from COVID-19 on January 20, 2022 at the age of 74.
Photo of Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells (born as Dawn Elberta Wells) born in Reno, Nevada, U.S. on October 18, 1938. She died following a COVID-19 on December 30, 2020 at the age of 82.