Popular Celebrities

All the actors, singers, sport icons and other celebrities we lost we lost this year

Below is a list of recently deceased actors and actresses. Using this list, you can find recent celebrity deaths in 2023, and previous years.

Photo of Arky Vaughan

Arky Vaughan

Photo of Ron Fairly

Ron Fairly

Photo of Bob Welch (baseball)

Bob Welch

Photo of Bob Buhl

Bob Buhl

Photo of Dock Ellis

Dock Ellis

Photo of Bucky Walters

Bucky Walters

Photo of Rod Beck

Rod Beck

Photo of Don Mueller

Don Mueller

Photo of George Crowe

George Crowe

Photo of Toby Atwell

Toby Atwell

Photo of Larry French

Larry French

Photo of Bill Walker (baseball)

Bill Walker

Photo of Zora Folley

Zora Folley

Photo of Beau Jack

Beau Jack

Silhouette of a person

Alvin Lewis

Photo of Ron Lyle

Ron Lyle

Photo of Gene Tunney

Gene Tunney